Whether you are looking to improve performance or find a way to decrease pain and discomfort, I can help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

Musculoskeletal Therapy


Tai Chi

Personal Training


I approach strength and well-being with a range of modalities tailored to each client’s needs and goals.


Using a mixture of MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques), MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), PRI (Postural Restoration Institute), and SomaTherapy I work to address the root cause of discomfort, weakness, or lack of mobility.


What is MAT?

MAT is effective for EVERYONE from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, and anyone in between. MAT® has been successfully implemented with professional athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, PGA) in clinical rehabilitative, personal training environments, and countless other settings.

Muscle Activation Techniques® is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to produce efficient muscle contraction. Loss of muscle contraction results in a decreased range of motion, and therefore decreased physical performance.

Range of motion testing can indicate which muscles have decreased contractibility, and precise forces are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency. The MAT® Certified Specialist is trained and certified to perform several force application techniques that can restore function and strengthen weak muscles.

In no time at all, you will be performing your daily activities with ease, whether that means throwing 100 yard passes or walking up the stairs.


What is MET?

MET (Muscle Energy Technique) is a form of a manual therapy which uses a muscle’s own energy in the form of gentle isometric contractions to relax the muscles via autogenic or reciprocal inhibition, and lengthen the muscle. MET can also be used to re-align bones using muscle contractions to reset the placement of vertebrae, sacrum and pelvis.



I first started Yoga in 2006 after a knee injury. After my rehabilitation, I noticed the wonderful compliment of yoga and martial arts (which I had been practicing for almost 10 years). Flowing in Strength Yoga began in 2011 after I decided to share my love of Yoga with others. I apprenticed with Nancy Fox of Fine Line Yoga in 2010-2018 in her general and Yoga for Scoliosis classes. I also began working with Gabriel Halpern at Yoga Circle in Chicago. I apprenticed with Gabriel in the Gentle Yoga class since 2010, increasing his understanding of therapeutic Yoga. In September 2012, I accepted a position apprenticing Gabriel at Yoga Circle in the Thursday level 2-3 class.

Flowing in Strength Yoga uses Hatha Yoga with a strong Iyengar Yoga influence. This allows exploration of static postures with the occasional mini vinyasa while focusing on alignment. Find harmony and balance in physical symmetry. Flowing in Strength Yoga looks to equalize the strength and flexibility throughout the body, bringing health to the individual and the class. Each week has a different focus using standing, forward folding, back bending, or restorative postures as well as pranayama (breathing).


Tai Chi is an ancient martial art practiced at a very slow pace. In modern times it is used for meditation, exercise and stress relief. It uses a series of techniques that teach control and coordination and utilize a mind, body, and breath connection. Students learn forms that are combined to form a sequence. Forms combine coordination of all parts of the body with the breath. Tai Chi is accessible to people of all skill levels and is a great way to begin or continue an exercise program.

Benefits of Tai Chi include:

  • Improved balance

  • Increased strength

  • Increased cognitive function

  • Improved coordination

  • Decreased stress

  • Improved breath


Using a foundation in Muscle Activation Techniques, personal training becomes even more effective with a strong understanding of neuromuscular function and body mechanics. As a certified personal trainer, I can help you:

  • Gain muscle

  • Lose weight

  • Build cardiovascular fitness

  • Enhance body awareness

  • Clarify your goals

  • Motivate you to succeed

  • Gain comfort with gym equipment

  • Avoid injury  


I feel like I have two legs, which is awesome!


A week later and I still feel good and I’m walking a lot. I feel so much better after seeing Chad. My knee is getting stronger!

 ANNIE, 70

I don’t feel as sore from dance and gymnastics.

 ZOE, 15

With every visit I am feeling better. Chad has amazing knowledge about the physical body. He is also very kind, considerate and gentle.  


Chad was both very enjoyable and very professional. He was attentive to my various health and fitness goals and helped me craft a fitness plan to fit my busy schedule. During the session, he monitored and adjusted the plan to best fit how I was feeling. Afterward, I felt refreshed and good for the rest of the day. Looking forward to continuing with sessions every week. 


Chad is a magician! I recommend him to my students of yoga, based on the work he has done with my sacrum, cervical spine, and shoulder. He is keeping me going, along with my yoga practice, and helps me keep up with my work as a yoga therapist. He is knowledgeable, and a technician as well as a healer! Thank you for your help and great conversation about the body during my appointment.

 NANCY, 60

Came in on crutches, walked out without them. Amazing, thank you!


When you’re in pain, you always have a bit of skepticism as to trying yet another treatment or suggestion. After just one visit with Chad, I was able to move more freely than expected. A little discomfort sleeping the first night, but freely able to walk and do stairs before bed and again upon rising the next day. I look forward to my next visit. 


I feel Chad is getting to the cause of my issues rather than just addressing the effects.


After each session I am amazed at the progress I’ve made. I only wish I had started them sooner!

 DAVID, 64

Chad is very knowledgeable and provides an accommodating space. He answered my questions throughout the process and provided advice about how I could improve the areas worked on outside of the session.

 CORY, 32

Chad is impressive at keeping up with new and innovative practice. He constantly looks for better ways to help his clients.


With every visit I think I get a little stronger and more confident that I can live a reduced pain life with improved mobility.


What I like about Chad is that he can address my scoliosis and my frozen shoulder at the same time, and understand how each affects the other. His patient, knowledgeable work is helping me mitigate pain and get my mobility back.

 LYNNE, 58

As a kid with flat feet, I had a lot of pain when I ran and played. Since visiting with Chad, I can run faster and play harder. The exercises he has given me have not only improved my feet, but also have strengthened me altogether. On top of that, Chad is a fun person to be around.


Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.


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