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Do you take insurance?

No, I don’t have a license that allows me to bill insurance. My clients are private pay. However, if you need to use insurance, you can contact Fefles Family Chiropractic and become a patient of the clinic and work with me through the Chiropractor’s office. 

Can I do MAT in conjunction with other therapeutic work (Chiropractor/Physical Therapy/Acupuncture)?

Yes, absolutely. MAT® is a tool like many other therapies. It is a very powerful tool and it helps the work done with other treatments last longer.

How old do you have to be for MAT® to work?

I work with a large range of ages and activity levels. As long as the person on the table is able to follow directions, I can work with them. Children may benefit from this work, especially as they hit growth spurts and the muscles are trying to figure out how to move bones that are lengthening. I can work with an older population to help maintain strength and mobility to prevent falls and reduce joint stiffness. I can work with athletes to help them perform at their peak as well as the sedentary parent trying to get back into shape. 

Should I see you before or after I see my Chiropractor/Physical Therapist?

I recommend seeing me after you see your Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. In the case of a Chiropractor, they adjust your structure by correcting misalignments. Many Chiropractors don’t follow those adjustments up with soft tissue work. Using MAT, I can help the muscles remember this better alignment and prevent your body falling quickly back into the undesirable alignments. Physical Therapists will, depending on your ailment, try to create more range of motion. However, not all of them will secure that range by making sure your muscular system can handle the flexibility created in that session. I check to see where muscles are failing to support joint range of motion and treat those muscles to restore a supported range.

How long will the treatment last?

There is no guarantee to how well each individual’s neuro-muscular system will maintain the benefits gained in a single session. I seek to raise your muscular system’s tolerance level to stress in each session and over time. It is unique to each person how well that work holds. 

How many times do I need to see you?

I suggest that people start with a 5-session package. I have noticed that it takes about 5-10 sessions for someone to notice lasting changes in their body. 

How often should I see you?

I recommend a new client see me once a week for at least a few sessions until we learn how your body reacts to the process. Ideally after we address the issues you initially need help with, we would taper off to once every other week, to once every couple weeks, to once a month for maintenance. I have some clients I see quarterly that just come in for a tune up.

What are you doing when you are pushing on my muscles?

I am stimulating something called the “muscle spindle”. It is something inside the muscle that sends a signal back to the nervous system to let your brain know where that muscle is and how much it is working. When paired with the signal that tells the muscle to contract or move, this creates an ideal setup where the muscle is ready and able to support you at any moment. There are two ways to stimulate the muscle spindle, one is palpation and it is very specific to the muscle I am working on. The other is isometric contractions and this is a more general way to provide support across a joint using a muscle group.

Does MAT® hurt?

When I am pushing on muscle tissue, you may feel some discomfort. The more inflammation present, the more “shut down” that muscle is. This usually results in some tender tissue, like when you push on a bruise. However, the way I prefer to work is to apply the appropriate pressure to stimulate that muscle without eliciting a protective response from the body.

How much do private sessions cost?

MAT, Personal Training, Yoga and Tai Chi are all very different modalities. The cost of Yoga and Tai Chi classes depend on location and how many classes are purchased at one time. Most classes break down to $10 per class for packages and $12 per class for walk-ins for a one hour class. I charge $300/ 5 session package for personal training, or $70 for a single session. I charge $400/ 5 session package for MAT, or $90 for a single session.

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

As a Personal Trainer, I draw on my knowledge from MAT and my experience as a Yoga/Tai Chi teacher. This allows me to help you progress toward your health and fitness goals in a way that will prevent and guard against those nagging injuries that plague people going to the gym without guidance. I can help you create a plan that you can implement on your own. Finally, motivation! Some people need that extra nudge to get the ball rolling.

Are online classes available for yoga or Tai Chi?

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